Babies Warm the Heart

A new baby is in the house! Not actually in our house.  The nephew’s wife (Papsie’s side) delivered a healthy, good-looking boy with an angelic face.

Babies always warm the heart. It doesn’t actually matter how they look.  What would they become someday far outweighs the physical aspect.  The people around each baby would play a role here and there specially during the stage where they are developing. In short, each word, each actuation, each thought, each expression leaves imprints in their tiny brains. We are responsible for what they grow into.  As said often, which is also a cliché, their minds are like sponges.  They absorb each structure of existence of other people especially those that catch their attention intently.


My daughter blurted the other day that she is not having a baby yet because she is still very young and she has a lot of plans in her life still.  Papsie and I were speechless for a while.  Papsie shrugged and said only these words, “Bahala kayo. Buhay nyo ‘yan. (It’s up to you. It’s your life.)”  I wondered why he said that.  I wondered all the more about the words that came out of my mouth.  “A woman must not take contraceptives if she has not delivered a child yet. It might endanger her reproductive system.”  My son looked at me and asked, “Really?”

I know that is a queer way of putting it but I know my children got the message, specially my daughter.  They always know that I am always into responsible parenthood.  One does not enter into something like having a baby, specially these days, without resources to use for bringing up  a child.  I know, too, that Papsie is on the other side of the equation.  He is afraid of not seeing his grandchildren.  He fears that our children might not really give him these wonderful children from his lineage.

It would be hypocrisy to say I do not want to see a grand child from my children.  I would not insist though because it is not my life.  My children have their own lives to live.  I am actually rejoicing from the fact that they do not hasten to just bring out babies in this world and give the responsibility to other people.  My heart is glad that they have goals while they take pleasure from the fruits of their hard work.

2 thoughts on “Babies Warm the Heart

  1. I must admit you have a great parenting “strategy” and your children are lucky to have you as a mother. I know they've heard your hidden message and I hope they will follow your advice regarding the child bearing. It's a duty for each one of us to bring another human being into this world and make sure we provide the best education.



  2. wow. thank you very much for the kind words, Petro. 😀 i am glad that they grow to be responsible and sensible grown ups.


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