Lunch Break

pear shaped
pear shaped (Photo credit: SpecialKRB)

The most awaited day at work. It is celebrated either earlier than 12 noon or later.  We usually eat lunch late.

It is not because there are delicious menus that await us at the company canteen that is why we look forward to it.  It is the discussions, the different topics, some are very light, some are serious or heavy, some are very funny, that are worth listening to and participating in.  Most of the time it is funny.

Just this lunch break today, the discussion suddenly jumped to the question whether a single lady that had had multiple sexual relationships will have a ‘changed’ body form than one who had not have a sexual experience or one who has a single partner?  One of the two guys (there’s only two in the usual group of five) confidently said that it is possible.  I asked why and he explained it comparing it to a balloon’s form when pressed.  This in between laughs and jeers.  I refused to accept the reasoning and told him that I could only think that bodily changes occur only in conceiving women, or women who had already delivered a child.  The other guy, who is much younger, readily agreed although he sounded uncertain.  I added that this is evident when a woman already has an apple shaped body instead of a pear shaped body.  The laughter continued until the attention was geared to the only single lady in the group.  She got conscious and avoided walking ahead in fear that the two will take a look and observe.  😀

I look forward to another lunch break.  I can’t help but smile.

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