Life Insurance Thoughts and Doubts

Life Insurance (album)
Life Insurance (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that I am in the middle of life, I have more doubts than thoughts.  😀

As I find out about life insurance, there are thoughts that have to be considered:

  • What must be pursued is a smoker life insurance if there is a blatant smoker in the house.  Acquiring one each for the members of the family of a smoker will be much better.
  • Will thinking about morbid thoughts (like being involved in a freak accident or situation, or being disabled all your life) reason enough to acquire one?
  • As many insurance companies are going down it seems, one’s decision to get on having one will waver greatly.  You would not want other people get rich with your money.
  • There is a great need for a company to get insurances for their employees or workers that face hazards or danger inherent to their jobs.
  • One’s ability to sell will be challenged with life insurances and other forms.  These are hard times.
  • Would a life insurance be an option for most Filipinos? What comprise the population?  I think this is still a far-fetched idea for most Pinoys.


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2 thoughts on “Life Insurance Thoughts and Doubts

  1. a life insurance is a worthy investment especially for those who don't have much savings. i realized that when some close friends died. we can't depend on sss. so one of the 'sacrifices' i did last year was to get one.

    at least i know if i die today, my family will have a buffer to mourn for me for a time then move on with their life.


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