Came across these wonderful gems via WordPress today:

  • Thus Raked Zarathusthra – the About page has this – “We diarise our amateur attempts to cook, garden and refurbish old furniture (as well as other leisurely pursuits) and hope you don’t mind reading along.” Honestly, it is my first time to hear the word diarise.  The writer claims he/she is an amateur photographer yet the photos are superbly shot.  The entries are downright honest.
  • Comic Belief – there isn’t anything in the About page. The author is an English major who has an obvious knack in writing. Here’s wishing that someday I will be reading a famous book from the blog owner.
  • Everlasting Memory/Love – this is a blog by a photographer by the name of Patrick Tan where he shares his photos.  He captures photos with emotions and sceneries.  A professional’s work indeed.
  • Walking Around With a Camera – a blog by Mike Renner from North Dakota and is currently living and working in Taiwan.  The site is impressive.  The collection of photos are amazing.  A must see.
  • Freshwall Street – Amazing site that features cool streetstyles.  The blog owner gives justice.

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