What fascinated me when I was young

A magnet made of alnico, an iron alloy. Ferrom...

As a young girl, I was fascinated with many things.  The coolest thing to me then was lifting magnets after discovering television.  To see things move on the other side of a piece of paper simultaneous with the movement of the magnet was really amazing.  Those times, I thought all things can be moved by a magnet.

About the television, I was in grade one when I saw one in the middle of the hallway to the second floor of the building in front of the stairs.  As a very young child who had not seen a television, I got fascinated and frightened at the same time trying to understand how those talking people inside the boob tube got so small.  A lot of possibilities ran through my head. I got so afraid but the fear was overcome by fascination and the need to discover.

I also got fascinated with learning.  I felt as a little child that sounds, words, numbers, pictures and books are magic.  I could not stop. I want more each day lessons from the teachers. The concept about young children likened to sponge was so true to me.

What fascinated you when you were a child?

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