Meralco’s Service is Infuriating!


When I came home yesterday, I was told that a transformer on top of  a post was in flame the past minutes ago.  It was near an ice plant.  It was near our house.

My daughter told me that she had already called up Meralco and was advised that the service men will be coming two to four hours from the time she called. Two to four hours and the transformer was aflame ?!?! No service men came within two hours so I called up again in the midst of the panic ridden voices outside the house.  I was asked first if there is still electricity in the houses  (What is this person saying??? I wanted to shout at her and tell her if she meant  that they will not give service unless the situation is  critical or there is fire already spreading. I tried to control myself to the max.)  I was given the same details by the person on the line – the same person and the same service center branch.

The Meralco people came four hours after my daughter’s call and that branch was only ten minutes away from our house.  I immediately asked if the person was the one who was advised to check the defective transformer.  I was told that he isn’t the one.  I asked where the person was and I was again given the answer that he might have probably logged out of work.  I gave a follow up question why was it that the matter was already conveyed to them from morning and no action was given.  I was given an answer that the person might have a bigger work to attend to.  I did not continue my interview because I felt the guy was just beating around the bush.

Meralco’s service sucks big time and their mission is “to provide our customers the best value in energy, products and services.”  Are they kidding?  The quality of service was not met and it was obvious that there is noncompliance somewhere.  There are many ways to do service for customers satisfaction but then again if there is no desire to do something fruitfully and fast, there will always be reasons.  The staff of this entity needs assessment, and the entire process of attending to the complaints and concerns have to be greatly improved.

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