If You Could Read My Mind Love

If you could read my mind love

What a tale my thoughts could tell

Marriage Day
Marriage Day (Photo credit: Fikra)

Definitely, we do not tell everything in mind especially if it could ruin a beautiful night, or day, but most of the time I tell.  I usually speak my mind out.  As a lover, it is important that your partner knows what you want done in the marital bed.  You do not feign satisfaction when there isn’t.  If you do not have the courage to tell, at least tell it with your actions. It is not healthy to make your partner believe that everything is okay.  The one who tries to keep it in him/her self or denies the truth that the act is not satisfying usually suffers, or will be in pain because of dismay or frustration.

The love arena is where the heart, mind and body of both partners blend and all juices fuse ergo each of them has to be open and ready to give their unparalleled energy and emotions.  Not all expressions are successful, true, but there is always an opportunity to make it better.

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4 thoughts on “If You Could Read My Mind Love

  1. whoa! sex ang topic? nakakapanibago. hehe.
    lately ang problema na napag-uusapan ng mga friends kong babae ay ang frustration dahil sa hindi marunong o kaya ayaw maki-cooperate ni mister. makasarili baga.


  2. he he mild lang naman, atticus. 😀 kakafrustrate namang talaga pag di marunong ha ha ha most men are makasarili yata sa mga naririnig kong kwento. pero dapat kasi communication ang maunang maimprove.


  3. ang most common complaint ay “nagmamadali.” bakit ba sa laki ng populasyon ng pinoy males, ilan lang ang may alam na most of the time, this one is better taken slowly? that sometimes, slow is better liban na lang kung quickie? that discussing it – even while doing it – can be so sensual and well, sexy?


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