Musings on a Hot Afternoon

There was this younger mother telling her son about the ‘sexiness’ of an older woman. The three-almost-four year old only stared at the older woman probably confused.  The older woman thought it was a compliment until the mother of the young boy said,  “He is a conservative boy, you know, he does not like seeing women with short dresses and blouses exposing flesh.”  The older woman became suddenly aware that her blouse, which is a petite black blouse, probably is exposing a little flesh.  The get-up was not at all scandalous and inappropriate to the woman’s age, it was just a normal weekend apparel.  What harm could a pair of cargo pants and petite blouse do to a boy of three and a half?  The older woman asked in return, “How old are you, little boy?” The boy gestured three.  “Do you know the word conservative?”  The boy gave her a confused look again.  Then the mother suddenly told the son that the older woman is sexy because her tummy is showing.  The boy giggled innocently, not saying anything bad but “Your pants is falling!”

I just couldn’t get this scenario off my mind.  Parents are responsible in the molding of young minds.  What children become is a large chunk of thoughts, ideas, concepts, etc. coming from their parents.  It makes me sad how some parents can thwart young and innocent minds.  It makes me wonder still how I fared when the children were still young.


English: Manny Pacquiao, LA right before the M...
English: Manny Pacquiao, LA right before the Marco Antonio Barrera fight. (original text) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An exchange of thoughts about Manny losing with a FB friend transpired.  In his line of thoughts he mentioned “God chose Bradley to win” plus another line that says “It is time for Manny to pause and realize he had to be serious with God now than in boxing. Otherwise, he will get seriously hurt.”

I do not intend to question God because it is not like I heard God saying “I chose Bradley to win”.  It is one of another man’s interpretation of the situation because of Pacquiao’s claim being spiritual or close to God.  I said my piece telling “I just couldn’t understand God allowing such a win for Bradley when it’s obvious for many that it was Pacquiao who won…. I could understand it if he truly lose, I mean, knocked out to the ground, received more hard blows”.

At times, it is not easy dealing with thoughts that God can allow bad things to happen for one person to learn of God and his precepts.  I could understand though an individual receiving hard blows in life because he had done things not in accordance to God’s law as punishment, or reprimand.  Am I making my point here?


Just a while ago, two young boys were fist fighting, the smaller one more brave than the bigger one.  The bigger boy was a son of a house tenant who was currently playing mah jong.  It caught me and my daughter’s attention when he was yelling and coaxing his son to give a punch.  We hurried outside and saw that his son was actually receiving all the blows.  I was worried and was telling Papsie to let the melee stop and he replied they do not want to stop.  I yelled at the little boy to stop but the father of the bigger boy was yelling not to stop them and he was like infuriated that his son was not giving a fight. Weird father.  I can see the makings of a gangster, or a future delinquent.

Kay approached the smaller boy and told him to go home.  He looked like he was about to go to a fight any minute again but he obliged and went away but the bigger boy suddenly wanted to give a blow and Kay was stopping and asking Papsie to stop the boys.  The bigger boy suddenly became brave. It was a case of “lalong nanggigil habang pinipigil”.  He must have misinterpreted Kay’s rescue.

Society has this mercenary culture in producing villains, bandits, or criminals.

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5 thoughts on “Musings on a Hot Afternoon

  1. My seven yrs old became conservative because of the environment she's in. When we were in Manila shopping for her clothes, she refuse to wear clothes that exposed her legs above the knee and shows her shoulder or tummy. Kahit when we're watching tv, she cover my eyes with her hand when there's a kissing scene. Huwag naman sanang maging manay ang anak ko.

    IMO, pacman is one confused person.


  2. malamang, atticus ha ha

    BlogusVox, your child is already 7 yrs old and probably had been going to school and is already exposed to factors that influence her to be cautious. i heard there are schools promoting simplicity warding off the desire to wear jewelries and skirts above the knees. it's okay and is different i guess from that scenario i mentioned. 😀

    mukha ngang confused na. with his power, money and popularity, me hinahanap pa rin sa tingin ko.


  3. My Filipino neighbours are all extremely upset because Manny lost. I have not watched the match so I didn't know what happened. But I don't think God is punishing Manny, it's probably the Devil who helped the winner this time.


  4. hello, eastcoastlife!

    i didn't get to watch the fight on tv, only listened to the radio during the actual fight. before the fight, i was telling my husband that there is possibility that Manny will loose because Bradley looks formidable. it turned out that the judges were the formidable ones ha ha

    thanks for the visit! 😀


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