Tourmaster Pants

It looks like Ben's about to pinch my bike whi...
It looks like Ben’s about to pinch my bike while I take this shot 😉 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is my first time to hear about Tourmaster pants.  It is that pair of pants used in touring.  This would also mean you have to be a motorist, able to ride a motorbike.  What sense would it be to wear a pair of tourmaster pants if not for touring?

But on second thought, I am considering wearing them when walking and running.  I would probably sweat a lot because it is a pair that is waxed and waterproof. I would probably be a laughing stock, too.  It made me remember one day when Papsie was bellowing to a passerby carrying a crash helmet and walking (because the motorbike and the driver was already at the street corner waiting), “That is not allowed! You do not wear a helmet without a motor bike!”  Of course, that is a joke and I was laughing real hard that time.

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