Inside the Tricycle

The fastest way to go to work when the car is on coding, and to get home, is through a tricycle.  For those who have no idea what a tricycle is, Wikipedia defines it as:

is a public (for-hire) vehicle consisting of a motorcycle and an attached passenger sidecar, and should not be confused with an unmotorized three-wheeled pedicab known as a trisikad.

It looks like this:

Photo Courtesy of Teacher Dai


It does takes me fast to my destination because in the other route, the bus would travel along a longer route but there are also disadvantages. In a tricycle, I should be contented having myself packed like a fish in a sardine can.   Most men passengers love to rest their arm on my waist or back part near my waist. Some tricycles have narrow space for two passengers that it is hard to sit comfortably.  Some tricycle drivers peep in the side mirrors especially when a woman passenger wears a skirt or is pretty. If you are in a hurry, you have no choice but to sit at the back of the driver which is scary for me especially when I am in the mood of thinking about morbidity.

How I wish I know how to drive and if one day I decide to learn to drive, I hope I can overcome my fear of driving.


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