The Culture of Poverty

POVERTY (Photo credit: whologwhy)

I had to listen to my son tell me about one of his professors who said that poverty can spread until the third generation.  That is sad.  Perhaps this is the reason why we see their lot multiplying everywhere, anywhere.

I am no rich man.  I also experience monetary lack and difficulty  many times but I try to lift myself from an impasse.  I always succeed.  It’s called determination.  I guess it is also what saved me from the dark corners of poverty when I was brought into this world.  I decided one day, during my elementary days, I will get out of the web.  I will be different.

I did not become popular,  or one who had become filthy rich, but I was victorious in getting out of poverty: being in want all the time, truly needy, unhappy.  The motto was not to be dependent but to be independent.

The poor makes other people feel that they have obligation to help them.  There is nothing wrong in helping but most of them have the same mentality that the able and rich owe them something and they cannot even define it.  This mentality grows as their number grows.  It takes a tough heart to go against it and become different from the rest.

It is necessary to teach them how to fish, and not give them fish all the time.  I even heard Sharon Cuneta say these words.  It is very true.  When the able and rich always give, it gives them thought not to work, or find work, anymore, or persevere, or save a penny.  Anyway, there will be people who will take pity and give.

I do not mean to malign. I had been there.  I do believe it is essential to say something to these people.  I believe they need to be educated, they need to learn.  It is the lack of education that makes them poorer.  This is where the government should do its part.  Educate, enable, empower.  The government and its officials still have a lot to do.  They even have to be re-educated themselves about the plight of the poverty-stricken.  The wealth and power they have gained and are gaining blur their visions and forget their promises.

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5 thoughts on “The Culture of Poverty

  1. the professor should have challenged the students with an output that can somehow address the poverty mentality. yes many of us are poor, but what can we really do within our means to address the issue?

    i agree with you. we have to do our own little way to help. depending on the government cannot be a constant recourse.


  2. the numbers are there. the higher the education of the parents, the bigger the family income. they also opt to have less children. the higher the education, the more marriage is delayed.

    alas, the other side of the equation is that the lower the education of the parents, the earlier they marry, and they have more children.

    and yes, education has a multi-generational effect.


  3. beatburn, it was a simple yet serious conversation with another of Daryl's friends. they were members of an organization that made a move to sponsor an educational scholarship for a deserving indigent student. not really a big one but at least they are doing something.

    helping is okay but we do not help only by giving. 🙂

    it's a sad, sad world, atticus. actually, every start of school, poverty is magnified, too.


  4. There is so much truth in your post and I couldn't agree more.
    But I still need to keep a door open for those people that keep struggling to get out of poverty, work very hard, are very smart, explore every possibility but still can't manage to get out of there. Its like there is something in their genes.


  5. hi, Petro! 😀

    those poor people who try their very best to get out of the dire situation and work hard to feed themselves and their loved ones are truly commendable. these are the ones that are worth helping, the ones that will truly cherish every help given.


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