A Personalized Bible Can be a Lovely Gift


I would love to receive a personalized bible.  Not that one that isn’t is not appealing.  I happened to see them at http://www.personalcreations.com/personalized-bibles-psepbbl and took notice of the different designs.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind mine to be a simple one. The bible needs to be read and not kept dainty and unread. But for a keepsake, a personalized bible is a lovely gift. I doubt if those who love to read the Bible and are interested in this book would not love to own one.

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3 thoughts on “A Personalized Bible Can be a Lovely Gift

  1. lahat ng Bibles ko, puro bigay. i love reading it. sometimes i use google to review, lalo na pag nalilito ako sa history ng mga pangalan. i read it from cover to cover when i was 18, and then again when i turned 30. i love the stories that have lots of GMRC in them.


  2. hi, Atticus! my first bible was a gift also from a friend. it had me glued to the book when i first read the first chapter of Genesis. 😀


  3. I don't mind having a simple one. It doesn't need to be leather bound or with ornaments or with special covering. It is the content of a book that matters to me. One can protect his Bible anyway in any manner he or she wants to.


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