Who Could’ve Brought Two?

Photo courtesty of Batangastoday.com

This is kinda late but anyway…  The idea was already there at the back of my mind until someone at FB made a comment in one of my FB friend’s status implying that some of the senator judges might have two speeches prepared during the day the verdict for CJ Corona was to be given – one guilty, one not guilty – depending on how the trend was going.  😀

Funny but could be annoying, too.  If this is true, then those who really had brought two are worst than smelly fishes.  Anything is possible in the mother land, actually, so this is not news.  Sad thing is it has a domino effect.  These kinds of mentality prove about how widespread corruption could be.  Sadder still, the weak might follow the vice.

I have to be glad though that the kids have minds of their own, even if what and how they think are opposite to what we, their parents, think about the whole verdict announcement.  They are not really glad about the result though they know that being Arroyo’s ally, CJ Corona may also have the same mindset.  They hint about thinking beyond what happened and what is happening like what if the verdict was a result of the President’s influence, given the hasty and seemingly ‘unnatural’ process of putting Corona to trial?  I have to actually ponder on it.  What if?

I am no expert of the law but at times, it makes me really think.  Is there justice at all when the ones we expected to continuously raise the citizenry from the hardships and struggles we gained from putting Arroyo on the seat will do the same things?  What a waste it would be.

Power will always test a man’s character.  There are already hearsay but I will still give time for him or give him a chance still to do something good for the country. It is always good to give the benefit of the doubt.  I hope he can prove his detractors wrong.

4 thoughts on “Who Could’ve Brought Two?

  1. i am glad it's over, and that the verdict went the way it did. now to measure PNoy's commitment to clean government, let's see if he will move for the approval of the freedom of information act. iyon ang sukatan.


  2. with the many people around him with their own personal (and mostly ill) motives, i cast a doubt. 😦 but just hope and see…


  3. As a follower on Hub pages I have to say that yes, many people plan two speeches or two verdicts on some event – especially when it comes to public office! It's even done in the business board room! Great article!



  4. that's puzzling, cheeky girl. i can understand have to prepare two for a board meeting but this situation does not necessitate it. 😀


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