My Left Foot Aches – I Need a Carpet on the Floor!

Carpets (Photo credit: ToniVC)

The day’s almost over and still my left foot aches.  I wish I have a carpet on my floor to at least ease the pain. But I digress.

I really wish to have a carpet on our room’s floor.  Today, carpet stores offer a variety classified according to price, color, warranty, brand, type, fiber, style, etc.

I love light colors for the carpet but they have to be trendy, too. It could be light blue, green or old rose. They give me a feeling of freshness that’s why and they are easy on the eyes.  I would also love it to be generously soft but dense.  As I said, it would give comfort to the ailing foot.  🙂

Of course, durability is also a must.  With the softness of the carpet, it must be tough, too, so that it will last.  It has to be my money’s worth, you know.  Tough times, tough choices.  I do not know if there are carpets that are stain resistant but I would also love to have a carpet that’s that.  We have pet cats and you know what these little creatures do.  They love to pee everywhere and leave their marks that become yellow stains after a while.  There’s also everybody accidentally spilling food and beverages.  The carpet has to be able to resist, and I say resist these stubborn stains.

I would definitely love to see our room with a carpet.  It would definitely look chic as it matches the color of the room.  I would definitely sprawl on it and feel like I am in a bed of roses.  It could also look elegant if I choose beige as the color.  That would also make the room bright.

If I will be asked why I would choose carpet, definitely because it would make a room more appealing where I could match easily the designs and furniture with a carpet. Plus it will definitely be a welcoming change.


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