A Double Decker Bed or a Trundle Bed?

When the kids were young, we contemplated on having a double decker bed but fear got the better of me and instead bought single beds for them.  Later when we had already bought single beds for them, I also thought of buying trundle beds (one can check DayBeds.com for a trundle bed) for the two of them.  After much contemplation, I concluded that it is best to train them to sleep on their own bed because they could not be sleeping together on a single bed, being a girl and a boy. 😀

Photo courtesy of whitelotus.net

Kay was only almost three years old when she had her first bed.  There is enough space in the room so her bed is inside our room with our bed,  while Daryl still sleeps on a big crib beside our bed.  Kay’s bed is positioned separate from our bed and the crib.

She got excited at first upon seeing her bed and we were also excited seeing her sleep in her bed.  She wasn’t able to sleep comfortably and had woke up a few times the first night.  I had to put her to sleep with a song the next day and the next and until she had forgotten about her fear.

When Daryl was growing, the thought of buying a trundle bed occurred to me again.  Actually, I thought that I should have bought a trundle bed in the first place when I bought Kay’s bed.  That way, I could have saved money, time and effort.  Daryl had at first a hand-me-down bed from his aunt.  He got excited, too, having to sleep on his own bed.  I totally forgot about the trundle bed.


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