I Need a Hike

I need to get rid of these miserable feelings. Perhaps hiking with a pair of Lowa boots could help.  These leather boots are said to be best in hiking and comes in different styles.

Before I get asked what is happening, I would end your conjecture by saying I do not feel well. Something bad happened which should have not happened if not for one’s self-centeredness.

It is already past 11 pm and hiking is not a good idea.  😦 I am not sure if it could still do good when I wake up from a night’s sleep but I bet it would be nice to still try hiking one day.

After the storm they say that everything will be okay. I just hope and pray it will be okay.

4 thoughts on “I Need a Hike

  1. Hiking is what I do to get away from it all. I do not do serious hiking anymore, just long walks at the park for a couple of hours each day.


  2. it will be okay. i'm having a tough time too, but i'm confident i'll be my usual nasty self soon. hehe. hapi tots, hapi tots! kakayanin natin lahat ito.


  3. i miss doing it, bertN, but as one ages the desire wanes. 😦

    hey, atticus! i am quite okay now. it's a process still. 🙂 click the red link and you will be redirected to more types. ha ha


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