What Basements Make Me Feel

Basement reclamation
Basement reclamation (Photo credit: vees)

I think being in a warm climate, basements are not normally seen as part of a house here in the Philippines.  Basements are built in colder climates as cellars where food and drinks are stored. Some use them as laundry room, utility space or a space for the air conditioning system.

When I was younger, I was fascinated with the idea of owning a house with a basement complete with basement flooring colored brown matching yellow lights in the evening and glare of sunlight coming from windows in the morning.  As I grow older, the fascination was replaced with fear.  Perhaps this was because of the scenes from suspense and thriller movies I had seen.  It was usually in basements where victims fall prey or are kept as hostage. It created in me a concept that basements are dangerous places.

Basements give me the creeps.  The message they send are claustrophobia, limitations, and control.  At present, I am dealing with my fear of many things.   To have a basement would not be a good idea.  😦

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4 thoughts on “What Basements Make Me Feel

  1. i saw a basement owned by a politician once. i loved it. it wasn't really scary. it was designed in such a way that every corner would have a tiny window with a view of plants and flowers.

    horror flicks gave basements a bad name.


  2. wow. a music room in a basement is a wonderful idea, dong ho.

    i agree, bertN!

    very true, atticus, those horror movies gave me the idea that basements are scary. 😀


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