Embarrassing Moments

Phot courtesy of BUZZLOL.com

I am very sure that most of us have a lot of embarrassing moments to share.  I had one today.

A wrap-up meeting with one of the bosses was to be conducted.  It is where audit findings are to be presented. The meeting was started and the first parts where stated.  The boss was frequently looking at me and I dismissed it as one of those gestures of conveying his agreement or disagreement about a matter.  Suddenly, he exclaimed lifting his hand almost like pointing to me, ” Your fly is open… your zipper is open!” I was shocked and pulled down the seams of my blouse hastily while everybody was smiling and laughing.  The boss added, “You’re distracting me!”  The laughter grew louder.  I tried to laugh with the group and excused myself.  My head felt like it’s swelling. I discovered that I was not able to lock the zipper that is why it went down easily when I sat down.  The blouse I was wearing was pulled up when I put the folder board on my stomach.

I returned and the meeting was still on-going, and as if nothing happened.  After it was finished for more than hour, I discovered I was not able to jot down anything.  I hastened to my room on the second floor and brought my mirror to my CR and re-enacted the whole scenario with my open pants. Shocks! I was wearing a semi-bikini panty! Well, better than no panty at all!  😀 LOL I laughed aloud inside the comfort room.


7 thoughts on “Embarrassing Moments

  1. i LOL-ed a lot after the incident, beatburn! 😀

    i am crossing my fingers that i will not be experiencing that incident again, bertN. 😦

    buti naman, dong ho. 😀

    truly hard to beat, rommel. 🙂


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