Thinking of Summer

There will be a longer Lenten vacation this year and it also speaks of summer here in the Philippines.  It is the time of the year where we’re thinking of swimming and excursions.  If only we have our own pool, we will be worrying only about pool supplies. The reason why I tend to think this way is the hit and miss scouting for the right but cheaper venue.

The photo above shows a beautiful spot for swimming. It looks like it is perfect but it was only in pictures where the venue is appealing. It is more a pond than a swimming pool. The rocks are slippery and there were no warning signs that indicate the deeper part.  We were here last year and we were only left with a choice to enjoy and deal with what was at hand. It was a fun day after all.

One can’t blame me for wishing to have my own pool where we can dip anytime we want. On second thought, would that be high maintenance?


4 thoughts on “Thinking of Summer

  1. Hindi lang maintenance headache, dadami pa ang bibisita sa iyo, imbitado o hindi LOL. OK lang sila, kaya lang legally liable ka kapag may nadisgrasya sa pool mo.


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