Photohunt: Point

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I just happen to notice the bulbs pointing upwards.  We were at Kowloon yesterday.  It’s been a long time since kids, Papsie and I were together.

The chandelier reminded me of a local saying that a mother is the light of the home.  I am trying my best to be one.  But lately, I realized we, as mothers, can only do as much.  Being a good mother, or a parent, as I had written in an article, is not guarantee.

I am again contemplating on the ironies in life.  The chandelier despite the two busted bulbs on the picture still serves as ornamental light because of the remaining light it has. It is, I believe, parallel to saying that despite the weaknesses and imperfections of a mother, she remains one, until the end.


9 thoughts on “Photohunt: Point

  1. you are welcome, urailak. 🙂

    an interview for my children has to be done then, mariposa. 🙂

    i am not in hongkong, YTSL. 🙂

    thanks for appreciating, carver. 🙂

    hi, sandi. thanks for reciprocating the visit. 🙂


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