Speaking of Lab Ovens


No, I am not speaking about ‘love ovens’ :-D. We do not need ovens to intensify the fire in our relationships.

I get off the subject about love for now. Tomorrow’s the day.

The topic is about lab ovens. Yes, dear, ovens are not solely invented for your kitchen only. Ovens were also made for the manufacture of certain products that need drying, baking, sterilizing. evaporating, heat treating, annealing and testing.

In some factories that have laboratories as part of their process, and especially for research purposes, lab ovens are part of the laboratory. They appear like cabinets that are heavy and durable. In some manufacturing companies though, these ovens are not found in a laboratory but in the plant and are part of the whole system. Ovens like these are much bigger and are stationary.

Now in answer to your question why I speak about lab ovens.  The thought just came about how the heat in these pieces of equipment could be analogous to the the intensity of love expressions tomorrow.  Trying hard, I know, but I am afraid of the intensity that could override the Richter scale. 😀

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