Still Young to Die, Ms. Houston

At 48, Ms. Whitney Houston died. My son, who is a fan, felt really sad about the news. He even has an organized archive of videos by Whitney Houston. After being enamored by Alanis Morisette‘s songs, he later discovered Whitney Houston and was so amazed by the talent that it is a puzzle to him why she turned to drugs when she had it all.

It might sound odd that my son admires Whitney Houston but I say it is his choice of music. He is not a fan of loud and senseless music. He is not even particular of what music is hot right now. He finds some pop art songs, classicals, ballads, blues, and the like attractive. With that, I respect him because he does not try to mold with the times but finds joy in what he truly appreciates and what he chooses as his music, as his beliefs, and as his life.

Back to Whitney, I have to say I really admire her and her talent. She was actually a total package. She was a beautiful icon in her own way. She was a benchmark. She was the voice. How sad that a big part of her life didn’t seem to turn out right. It is very true that we cannot have it all but she could have looked at the picture of what she has in comparison with other talents, and could have felt blessed that she had a God-given talent. So sad that she seemed to be searching but continuously failing to find what she truly wanted, and depended on substance to find the cure. It would not be a surprise to hear at all that her death is caused by drugs or substance abuse.

It is truly devastating to hear news on early deaths but may this serve a lesson to all artists who had gained everything, including popularity, that it is essential to hold on to what matters most and not succumb to what popularity demands from a famous star.

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4 thoughts on “Still Young to Die, Ms. Houston

  1. Whitney was a scant six years my senior. After all the horrible pictures duringf her addiction, I could not have realiozed she was so young. Even though I remember how beautiful she was in film roles like The Preacher's Wife, I still was unable to connec with her youth. It is sad that she had to pass away so soon. I just hope she was peaceful


  2. sometimes I am amazed why these superstars die young and depressed despite having all the money on the world. Is it because they have nothing else to do ? Or can't be normal like us who can go anywhere without getting bothered? Price of fame eh ?


  3. indeed the price of fame. some people cannot deal with the challenges of being famous. i heard it is not an easy thing. maybe that is the reason why i wouldn't want to be famous ha ha ha 😀


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