Looking at Ski Clothings

A baby wearing many items of winter clothing: ...

When I look at my friends abroad standing on snow covered pavements and roads, I try to imagine the coldness they’re experiencing at that moment. I doubt if I will do that even with a bogner ski clothing.

It’s always good to have a sort of remembrance standing on snow, or a proof that one stood on snow but I can’t even stand the thought. 😀  I heard from a friend who had just landed in the US that he did not bring jackets because her mother had told him that they would be buying thermal reflective, thermal electric, and thermal insulated clothing. I got shy asking one time we chatted how it felt having those clothes on, and if they can truly protect one from the extreme cold.   He looked happy though in the pictures.

This is one of those mundane thoughts, I know.  I feel cold at nights, it just made me wonder how I can survive extreme cold weather in other countries.

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6 thoughts on “Looking at Ski Clothings

  1. Snow fall is great for the first time. It turns into ice if not slush and then mud at times. It becomes a nuisance.

    As for clothing for cold weather, they now have high tech fabrics that are light and warm. I used to go downhill skiing in wool undergarments which accumulate the sweat. Before you know it, you're 20 lbs heavier.

    I hate cold weather!


  2. hi, atticus. went to Baguio in 1984 and 1999. it was colder in 1984. didn't like it at all. it was not a happy feeling all throughout that press conference. buti na lang nanalo ako. 😀

    ayos na rin sa akin ang ulan at araw, PM. yun ngang binabagyo tayo di ko na kinakaya lamig. 😦

    ha ha can't imagine being in the snow and you're sweating inside, Eric! 😀 probably a bothersome feeling. you are not alone hating it. 😀


  3. I grew up in Baguio and love the city. People say it had changed but for it will always be the greatest city. Tamang-tama lang ang lamig.

    Snow is fine as long as you're a tourist but to live with it for 3 to 6 months – ngek – mahirap yata. Lucky, it does not snow where we live now but if we want to see snow in the winter, it will be a 5-hour drive. We hire our winter gear 🙂 – not very colourful.


  4. i still wanted to visit Baguio, rommel. i wanted to bring the family
    there kahit na maraming not so good news na naririnig about the city. 🙂

    pwede palang mag hire ng winter gear, no? that's interesting.


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