Sincerely Insincere

Sincerity is a virtue that is sometimes hard to prove, and difficult to give when one feels averse towards another for some reasons, which in fact,  are obvious at times.

When one goes beyond his or her comfort zone to help or lend a hand without asking anything (not a single cent, for example) in return; when one is truly willing to spare time and do selfless or unselfish service even for others aside from family; or when one wishes to be anonymous even with the many help he or she had offered, isn’t it a sincere way of showing love and concern?

I have evolved into one civil being.  Some call it weakness but I believe it is not because total sincerity in saying the truth could be detrimental.  Take for example Juan, yes, let’s name him Juan for obvious reasons.  If I tell him straight how leery he is and state the reasons why I said so, do you think he would or could embrace the truth, knowing how dense he is, and even if the words were chosen with care?  I could be killed, or he could be killed.  It could both happen when matters turn worse.  For Juan, he could possibly kill with his words when his ego is slighted.  For me, I could not, on the other hand, put up without a fight if provoked.  So, the plan to go forthright and without reserve, is scratched, for now.  It is not even worth it.

I could be sincere telling how one turned to be a braggart.  You know, the kind who is already earning money, and who seemed to forget where she came from, or how things were as miserable as it was before, and blows hard about anything including the mundane tales about expenses, or whatever.  One can truly mutilate into one funny swell head.  Also a type of egotist, I say.  I would not dare telling. Na-ah.  When one is shortsighted, and have forgotten to turn around and see the past,  and be magnanimous for the victory, how can she accept that, too? Obviously, she is not aware of how to be magnanimous.  Take a chill pill and digest, my advice.

Don’t you love the amalgam of words?  😀

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