No, it’s not a humdrum thing.

Image by José Goulão via Flickr

I have to start this post by saying that our sudden decision to stop drinking brandy was like a foreboding. Last January 16, Monday, I brought Papsie to the hospital, brought about by the tension in my daughter’s voice seeing her father look like squinting, and after his cousin doctor advised him.

It was a case of a nerve palsy caused by stroke.  The distribution of oxygen in his body was not normal.  His cholesterol was high but he does not have diabetes.  Thank God, and thank Him again because Papsie admitted he was stubborn.  He lived with beliefs that it’s good to die full and big, or he can’t eat the good stuff in heaven anymore.  😦

Our frequent visit to the public hospital made me see that the situation and the condition of the poor have to be given serious attention when it comes to health needs.  No, it’s not a humdrum thing.  It is something that the government needs to be serious about.

Though the hospital is one of the best, I have observed, given the quality service and doctors available, it is imperative that the other hospitals should have the same set-up and environ.  The procedures are clear and the amenities are okay so far in this hospital.  The problem lies on the availability of doctors/specialists, the availability and costs of medicines, and costs of laboratory tests and other services.  There is the SWA, of course, but I believe it is not enough.

In truth, during hours of waiting for the doctor specialist, I had observed the patients that visit the center where we were.  I had listened to some stories of some of them.  Heartbreaking indeed.  It made me feel weak.  To some their humdrum existence is of no relevance but isn’t it that the indigent are the greater part of the constituency?

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