Brandy, We’ll Not See Each Other Often

A bottle of Calvados, a French fruit brandy ma...

Surprisingly, Papsie and I decided not to rendezvous on a weekend (anymore) with one of our reckless extravagance – brandy.

As both of our friends know, Papsie and I are brandy drinkers (and lovers).    It had developed when Papsie’s doctor cousin told him, despite his condition, that he could have a taste of brandy, and off he went ‘tasting’ brandy.  Later, I found myself loving it, too.

The love story initially started from my distress one night when Papsie got so drunk.  He was about to puke and there was not a basin or anything inside the room but lo the chamber pot was there.   Unhesitatingly, I grabbed the chamber pot and positioned it where Papsie’s head was.  It was right on time and caught everything, the whole shebang, bits and all.  Tiny spatters moved towards me and I hastened to avoid.  They landed on my arms, unable to reach my face. Disgusting still.

“This can’t be,” I said to myself.  The next thing I know,  I was having toasts here and there but most often, with Papsie.  Yes, we had lots of it, 😀 especially in the year 2011.  We drink when there’s a birthday, or an anniversary, or a promotion, or anything to celebrate.  Later, it had become more frequent like almost weekly.

As the year 2011 ends,  while we were alone talking, we agreed out of the blue – WE WILL LESSEN THE TOASTS.   We have decided to drink little, possibly when there are important occasions, but will avoid being a drunken drunk.

You have guessed right, if you did the guessing, we wanted to live longer.  We still wanted to go to places, alone, or with the children.  Simply, we want to enjoy life together.  Life is short, so they say.

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12 thoughts on “Brandy, We’ll Not See Each Other Often

  1. stay away, stay away. 😀 alcohol can have bad effects on some people. yung iba nga war-freak at nagiging emo pag nalalasing.


  2. Brandy is strong – 35-60% alcohol content hehe 🙂 I'm just OK with wine which is generally between 10%-20% proof. A glass of red wine daily is recommended for good health. I take one during dinner.


  3. i can't have beer, Rommel. it has malt which is not good for hypertensive people. 😦 hope you're okay now. 🙂

    had forgotten the word last year, Eric. ha ha 😀

    we are the drivers of our lives, Bel. 🙂

    wine tastes like juice, bw. 🙂 yep, red wine is good for the health. nakakabunsol lang.


  4. ha ha hey, beatburn, i don't drink brandy everyday. and i won't be drinking anymore, too. 😀

    yes, they say brandy is good with coffee, too, photocache. but i don't do it. i guess, i will not have a chance to know it, too. 😀


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