Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year Everyone! It is another year to conquer.  It is the year of the Dragon as I was told. A tough opponent I surmise.

I do not list things as resolution.  But there are things in mind for myself and Papsie that needs work out, and here’s wishing that we could both be successful.  The previous year was a very challenging one that was sometimes made difficult by difficult people, and situations. But what the heck, we survived. We were made victorious by hope and anticipation that things will change its course for the good.  Some prayers were answered, some are not, and I do not know which has ‘no’ for an answer, or a ‘wait’.

A very sad incident frightened us upon receiving the news that Daryl’s friend’s house and antique shop were burnt to the ground before new year came.  The house and the shop were gone by 2 am.  I heard that it was caused by irresponsible handling of fireworks.  As to the veracity of the cause, I am not sure, but if it is, people never learn.

Another frightening fact was when Sally found a used bullet on the ground in front of a parked car.  This is not the only incident where bullets from guns fired irresponsibly landed on the vicinity near our house.  Some have even landed on a pillow case near the face of a sleeping individual.

I wonder how these bullets could be traced back to the owner of a gun.  But how can a bullet be traced back when it is an illegal firearm? I can only curse silently to those irresponsible crooks who always fire their guns on New Years’s eve.

Firecrackers are not that many this new year’s eve only a lot of fireworks at least in our place.  Thank God.  The money spent can always be used for other essential things like food and other basic needs, or they can be used instead as aid for Sendong victims, or fire victims.  People need to learn to prioritize.  These noises will not drive away bad spirits or omen, I doubt if they can.  As a joke had related, “If you light firecrackers, fire it inside your house to drive the spirits out because if you light them outside, they will get inside your house in fear!”  😀

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7 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2012!

  1. Oh… there's definitely too much smoke from firecrackers in Manila for me. Your family is beautiful. That's a lot to be thankful for. Happy New Year Bing!


  2. hello, bertN! happy new year, too, to you and to your family! 😀

    hi, Photocache! happy new year!!! i hope and pray 2012 will be a better one for all of us. 🙂

    happy New Year, too, Toe! we didn't have any kind of firecrackers, we didn't have fireworks, too. and we didn't stay out very long. in our place, the smog is not as worse as last year. there is actually a big change. family is the best of all that i have. thank you 🙂


  3. Happy New Year to you and your family. I might read some of your older blogs as they look interesting. I want to make a resolution to blog more this year but I know I won't keep it. Too bad whenever I get the urge to blog about a new experience – my maniana habit gets the better of me and before you know it – I've lost interest.

    Anyway – reading your blogs might inspire me 🙂


  4. Happy new year, CP! we tried to watch some fireworks but the smog is killing me. we didn't stay long outside. the neighbors seemed to have controlled their spending on firecrackers, too. 😀

    i am not listing down resolutions 😀 but i will try to work out on those that needs attention. i just hope i can get to blog as often but i also doubt it ha ha

    thanks for visiting, rommel.


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