PC Games Enslavement

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PC Games are addictive I heard.  That is why I stayed away.  That is why my children were discouraged early on not to give so much attention even to those simple computer games when they were young.  Maybe that is why the addiction was not cultivated in them. Or perhaps these are not what hits their soft spots.  Each to his own.

It takes a lot to love PC Games.  One needs a headset, game pad, infrared mouse, and a lot more accessories to get the best of these games.  It definitely is an expensive enslavement.

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2 thoughts on “PC Games Enslavement

  1. Not on my family – we have a WII an old XBOX but we seem to be trying to encourage use – kasi sayang naman. After an initial use of the Guitar Hero, it gets use for a while until the next release then we spend more time dusting it. As for the old XBOX – I seem to have used it more as a media player when I had it chipped and installed XBMC.

    This Christmas we received an XBOX 360 with Kinect from Santa. Nabuksan pero hindi pa rin nagagamit. Oh well – I'm sure one day we'll use it – sana usu pa rin when that happens 🙂


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