An iPod is Different from an iPhone

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The other day a friend went to the mall and immediately bought an iPhone as gift to his wife.  He had it delivered to their house.  The wife was so excited, and also the children.  When the unit came, his son exclaimed, “Pa, it is not an iPhone, it is ipod touch 32g!” So he rushed back to the mall that day and returned the item.  Good thing the store clerk still entertained him and tell him that the order will just be cancelled.

To differentiate, here are some facts to learn:

What is an iPod?

An iPod is a portable device that stores and plays audio files.  It can hold a lot of songs, from a few hundred to ten thousand.  It has flash memory that does not loose contents when the power is turned off.

What is an iPhone?

iPhone is Apples’ first internet-enable.  It is a mobile phone, a wireless Internet device, and an iPod, in one. It is a phone with a multitouch screen allowing two finger touches and can be viewed in landscape or portrait mode.

I asked my friend afterwards, then why not replace the iPod with an iPhone.  He exclaimed that it is so expensive and not practical to have.  It can cost his wife’s life, he further explained.

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