How to Sleep in a Wintry Country

I could die in a country that has snow.  Snow will only be lovely to look at in pictures but not to experience it.  That is how I believe it.  I know that I will not like it no matter how others will say it will be only difficult during your first time.

That is why I wonder how people sleep in a wintry country.  How could one be warm and cozy and fall asleep soundly when it is very cold?

They say a heated blanket is the solution.  A heated blanket?? The thought made me uncomfortable.  But then again these blankets are made with low voltage making it safe to use.  It gives the warmth that is needed in a cold night.  Most of them are soft, water-proof and stain resistant.  They also come in many signs and options.

Even so, I believe it will not be easy for me.  I bet I will be only staying inside the house in a wintry country during winter except of course when I go to work.  It would be very hard not to work and not to move the body parts when it is cold.  I might get frozen.  😀

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