Love Your Woman with Flowers

English: A red rose with dewdrops Français : U...
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Not with any flower but a rose.  As a line is saying, “When in doubt, send roses, because roses are always right.”

I always love red roses.  A red rose means a lot of things like “I love you” or “Job well done” or “Congratulations”.  It symbolizes love, beauty, courage and respect.  A single red rose specifically mean “I Love You”.  The red rose personally mean for me the intense feeling of love.

The other color for the rose that I like is white.  It symbolizes purity, innocence, humility, youthfulness, to name only a few.

The combination of red and white roses signify unity.  This makes me remember someone who brought these roses one time for my daughter, a bunch of white and another bunch of red.

Do you know that a single rose of any color describes utmost devotion?  And thirteen roses given to a lady comes from a secret admirer?  I have not heard of this, have you?


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