Eyelash Growth Product for Me

Cils - Eyelashes
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Do you want longer, darker and thicker lashes? That is the question that I will answer upfront. Do I want it?

It is a pretty idea to have thicker and longer lashes.  If someone will give me  eyelash growth products as Christmas gift, I will accept it with open arms.  Not because I badly need it.  I will try it out of curiosity.  In fact, I doubt if it will work for me because I am chink-eyed.

As I see it, these thick, dark, and long lashes work well with deep, wide lids.  I don’t have them!  Most of the time actually people mistake me as Chinese because of the eyes.  No, I am 0.05% Spanish, is what I would like to answer. LOL

Anyway, back to the lashes.  It is kind of interesting to just grow them instead of putting false eyelashes, extensions, or mascara.  Imagine not being able to live normally by putting them on every morning before you go to work!  That would be very time-consuming.  So, if there is a technology that will make them grow, why not?

But it is not my priority actually.  It is not what I really wanted for this Christmas though if someone will give me one of those products, I’ll gladly accept, as I’ve said. 😀

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