Gift Basket for Him?

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It’s Christmas time once again.  Do you have something in mind for him already?

It is not a common thing here in the Philippines to give a gift basket for the husband, or for the male partner.  The gifts for men are usually packed in a box and/or wrapped simply.

My husband, for example, is a simple man.  Actually, I am not sure how he would react if I give a gift basket for him.  😀 Hmmm… let me guess.   He will exclaim, “What is this?!? You should not have spent much money for these things!”

But gift baskets are interesting.  The idea is unique and if I am going to give him a basket, I will have the following options:

  • one with 10 pieces of undies, personal effects, hygiene products
  • one with brownies and cakes
  • one with assorted bottles of colognes and perfume
  • one with a bottle of brandy with nuts and chips

Would you dare guess what he’ll like the most?

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