Guitar Effects Pedals

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Honestly, I am not an expert to discuss something about guitar pedals.  It took my interest to see something like a foot pedal where bands are assembled.  I have to Google it to know what it is.

Guitar pedals or guitar effect pedals are foot-operated levers, too.  You can see these foot pedals in operating machines, or in modifying the sound of pianos, organs or harps.

While I was googling it, I discovered that there are are many types that are designed for specific purposes.  Below is a list of these effects pedals:

  • bass overdrive and distortion pedals
  • multi-effects bass pedals
  • wah-wah pedals
  • chorus effects pedals
  • reverb effects pedals
  • phaser pedals
  • tremolo and vibrato effects pedals
  • multi-effects guitar pedals

Whoa! This is big for me.  I cannot even control or use a sewing machine pedal. 😀 😀 😀

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