What is a blind eater?

Human tongue. Regional preference to salty, so...

An office-mate, one day, during lunch, was asked why he loves to eat those veggies stewed in coconut milk (ginataang gulay) even in three consecutive days.

He mentioned that he is a blind eater.  Perplexed, I asked what that means.  The good looking office-mate said that it does not matter what he eats because he eats depending on the smell of the food and how they look.  His sense of taste cannot identify what is sweet,  or salty, or delicious.  So if the ginataang gulay smells good and looks good, then he can eat it, it is delicious to him.

Of course, we were amazed.  First time to hear that.  To my curiosity, I browsed the net for the phrase ‘blind eater’.  I cannot find anything that substantiates it.  There are only literal explanations, and I came across this one, which I think is a different meaning to the phrase:

I admit that I eat a lot of meals that are completely saturated in fat and that I actually do feel sick after doing so. The problem is that I can’t stop. I think I’m a blind eater. I mean, when I eat I don’t think about anything else other than how delicious whatever I’m eating is. Sometimes I eat when I’m not even hungry.

My office-mate does not eat this way.  He eats little amounts of food, evidenced by a lean body. He does not even classify as a fuzzy eater because he eats almost anything except those with alamang.  I further asked why he told us a story that he had been obese before and cannot even know what food tastes like.  He replied that it started when he was still small and had to please his mom by eating a lot.  Even when he was a young kid, he cannot know which is sweet, sour, salty, or tasty.

What I find amusing, too, is he eats with fork.  He is not used to eat with a spoon.  This, which I find funny actually, does not have anything to do with him being a blind eater. 😀

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2 thoughts on “What is a blind eater?

  1. I eat anything with “gata” too. It's one of my favorite dish.

    First time to hear of a “blind eater”. Interesting. I guess he does not eat durian and “burong talangka” too.


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