Christmas is Fast Approaching

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And I have not wrapped a single gift. First time in a decade not being early gift-wrapping. Well, as of this writing, there are still 30 days left. Thirty days to panic choosing a gift for the little kids. (I hope the non-kids noticed the phrase after the word gift. :-D)

What happened? Why am I not early this time? Well, I got so busy with a lot of writing stuff, to earn extra for the holidays.  I want the Yuletide season for the family, especially the three loves-of-my-life, to be enjoyable.  What else will make the event enjoyable but with food and happenings (parties, et al)?  But without money, you can’t buy food, of course, and you can’t go anywhere.  😀

Notwithstanding the sure attendance of the ‘godchildren’ (is this accurate?), there will surely be extras tagging along.  Therefore, there is no reason not to at least prepare a bag (small, that is) of candies and chocolates.  This year the working group (of nieces and nephews, and children of friends, etc., etc.) will not receive anything from me anymore (sorry for that). 😦  Well, Christmas is actually for the kids.  I know you know that.

This week-end, I will be cleaning the house and fixing the Christmas ornaments.  I am still having thoughts of having the Christmas tree.  I am actually scared of the aftermath, not the afterlife (because as you see I am so busy to be clogging my brain with a lot of stuff that will surely scare me to the max), because it has always been me keeping them away, dismantling them to be kept, etc.

Anyway, good luck to us all!

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5 thoughts on “Christmas is Fast Approaching

  1. talking of “ina-anak”. why are parents fond of introducing ina-anak with a brother or sister tagged along? nakaka konsyensya naman kung yung ina-anak mo lang ang bibigyan mo. : (


  2. I haven't prepared anything yet. I meant to start yesterday as it's the first Advent Sunday today, but I was unwell so never got to the shops. Oh well, next week, hopefully.


  3. @blogusvox, only in the philippines?

    @atticus, di na naitayo, nawawala ang stand and the upper part. di mahanap sa bodega. 😦

    @bel – do you shop every year for the Christmas season? not keeping the decorations last year?

    @rolly – oo nga! oo nga!


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