He Likes to Be the Superstar

It is funny how at times you listen to someone try to compete when another is just relating a story about his children.  Each time, the other one says something about his children, this fellow will reply with a story about his children, too, with efforts of emphasizing that his child/children have accomplished this and that, and that they are better.  The motive is always very clear that his children are better.  It is sad that some of his stories are half truth and some seemed exaggerated.

I think this is a typical act of jealousy.  That person cannot afford to listen to another person’s achievements, including his offspring’s.  But instead of being jealous, will it not be easier to be happy for someone?  Jealousy is such a negative feeling and it would require a lot to let one’s self feel it.  But as the saying goes, ‘Sometimes there is nothing harder in life than being happy for someone else.’


Image by kawataso via Flickr

Sadly, that person is not alone.  Among families, kins can have rifts for simple matters like who’s going to have what, or who is being favored among the rest, etc.  Among friends, this is not new.  Each of these friends vie for each other’s attention and the attention of others.  There is always that effort of competing when there shouldn’t be.  Each of us has individual and unique identities and abilities therefore not everyone can be managers, or a marketing sales agent, for example.  Why can’t we be comfortable with ourselves?

At times, while listening, I really felt I wanted to butt-in and uncover the truth to some of the stories but heck, it is just a waste of time.

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7 thoughts on “He Likes to Be the Superstar

  1. I agree it is sad. And can be very damaging for young and inexperienced parents. They'll start worrying when really all they'd need to know is that we are all individuals and take different lengths of time to achieve things.


  2. well, some are not even young and inexperienced. they just wanted to tell other people that his or her children are better than the rest.


  3. @ Toe – ha ha i could understand if these people are kids but they're not!
    @ Photo Cache – i do not want to listen but their voices are so loud as if they want to announce to the whole world! 😀


  4. It maybe categorize into what we call “insecurities”. When topics goes in that direction, I just nod my head in agreement. But in our social gatherings, the “insecure” type (I know who they are) seldom brag about their kids especially if mine is around. I need not “emphasize”. Nakikita naman nila eh. >: D


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