Why I Cheated on my Husband – In Retrospect

Yahoo published this post – Why I Cheated on My Husband.   I just finished reading it.

Husband and wife

The blog post gathered answers from interviews of different wives that gave equally different reasons why they cheated on their husbands.  The post even offered a portion of what one can learn from each individual experience coming from the experts.

While my mind was busy conceiving a possible reason for me if I am in this particular situation and coming to a conclusion that there is no other reason possibly but vengeance, I learned that there are unexpectedly varied reasons:

  • The husband was abusive.   If my husband is abusing me, I would probably not think of cheating but protecting myself from him.  I would definitely assert myself from someone who is controlling. It could become complicated if there will be children but why would I carry a child from someone who is abusive?  The matter has to be settled first.   More so, if nothing changes, I will not prolong my agony by staying and becoming a martyr.
  • The husband and the wife resent each other. Most probably,  the husband and the wife realize upon living together that there are still a lot of things not known,  or held back for some reasons.  After some time, differences surface and become the cause of resentment between the two.  In my case, I have to admit that I was kind of surprised to discover the undesirable things about my partner.  Until now, there is a list, and they have remained.  Did I think of cheating because of these?  What I did was to weigh between the good and the bad.  The good outweighs the bad, thank God. 😀
  • The wife was bored and unhappy. I think this is subjective.  What is boring and sad for some may not be for others, or maybe interesting for others.  I can get bored with a boring sex life most probably.  I can get bored if I am not allowed to be myself, and do the things I wanted to do.  I can be bored not having freedom.  But hey, this can be fixed.   It is not as complicated as ciphering a mathematical equation.
  • The husband was a workaholic. I understand that there is a need for a husband to provide but I will never understand having work more important than the wife.  There always has to be balance in everything.  This is akin to a husband having an affair only that he is having it w
    ith work.   Lame reason for saying this is for the future of the family.   I will definitely have him choose.  he he   >D
  • The husband was unfaithful first. Like the wife that was interviewed, if my patience was tried and I was inflamed, I could do something as evil as cheating, in revenge.  It would not even be about validation.  It is a scary thought especially if there are children.  But most likely when the anger ebbed, I will come to my senses and realize that another wrong could not make a wrong right (I am sorry, Almighty, for thinking about revenge).

So, there goes my rant, err, my review of the blog post.  I was not carried away, was I?  😀  I wasn’t, I was just trying to be candid.  (I hope that The Maker was not disappointed.)

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