Promotion can be done in many ways

There are two things to promote:  first, an obra; second, a blog that was lost and found. 😀

I am plugging my daughter’s obra, which is an entry to a contest.

Just click the photo, and you will be redirected to a Facebook link. If you like it, please, please click the like button.  Thank you so much for doing it.  😀

I have found the long lost blog and was able to get it back to circulation.  It was titled “And God created woman?” and now it has a new title but basically the same niche – “Woman”.

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3 thoughts on “Promotion can be done in many ways

  1. hey, Rommel. it is okay. no problemo. thanks for appreciating 😀

    salamat, blogusvox! gawa nga ni kay yan. she is a visual com arts graduate from UP. she's connected to a manufacturing company producing educational products. a large percentage of the products is from her design. 😀


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