When We Played Nintendo


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Those times, it was not yet nintendo ds.  But Papsie was among the first ones in their neighborhood to play nintendo.  When we got married, during weekends, we played nintendo.  I cannot beat him.  He was so good at it.

I remember that I played around acting pissed so that he’ll give me the chance.  The deal that time was you had to win to play.  I remember, too, that we almost argued of who’s going to attend to the baby.  We were so much into playing nintendo that we almost forgot that we’re already parents to a child.   😀 Silly people we were.  I do not know if it was nintendo to be blamed or our immature or selfish being.  Any of the two can do, I bet.

But do you know that in 1963, Nintendo had tried businesses like cab company and a love hotel?  Also, I guess you would be interested to know that Nintendo roughly means “leave luck to heaven”. It’s Wikipedia who’s telling.  😀

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9 thoughts on “When We Played Nintendo

  1. Nintendo! Family Computer, right? My God! I miss that! My brothers, our cousins and I used to play with that, too. Super Mario Bros. was our favorite! The word, Nintendo, brings back so many nice memories! 🙂


  2. hello, babypink! how are you? yes, family computer. it's so much fun to remember! 🙂 how can one forget the super mario bros.? ha ha


  3. “Leave Luck to heaven” – well they did pretty well didn't they 🙂 The only game I played at the beginning of personal computing era is “Crossfire” on an IBM XT. Before that, its pretty much just Game-n-Watch.


  4. i miss nintendo. we had to borrow or go to game stations to play and waste our meager allowance. my bro almost ruined his high school because of it. 🙂

    salamat at pinaalala mo.


  5. rommel, i have no idea what an IBM XT is. 😀

    oh, my. buti na lang nakita ko yung 'almost' na word, beatburn. ha ha a lot get addicted to nintendo those times. it is addicting nga naman. kahit masakit na ang kamay, sige pa rin. 🙂


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