Onanism is a word for masturbation.

While browsing for discussions in a forum in MyLot,  I saw one entitled “Is female masturbation more dangerous?”  This is the content from JerusalemFolk:

According to this Islamic TV, female masturbation is more dangerous than male masturbation. Right the opposite of Christianity and Judaism who don’t speak about female onanism.

But if a muslim girl loses her virginity then she will be suspected to have relations before the marriage, and may be killed by one of her brothers. It is called honor killing.

But the main problem is that some Muslim girl insert fingers or objects because they cannot have a normal orgasm with the clitoris . The clitoris has been cut at the age of 10, and that is the main reason why we see in Jerusalem Muslim girls in Emergency Room with objects inside the vagina and sometimes surgical operation.

So, according to this Muslim guy, Muslim girls must stay away from European or American TV, and work for Charity. Since these charities are sometimes terrorist organizations, I would have said that guns and weapons are more dangerous than onanism. And also that Allah should have created these girls with shorter hands to prevent masturbation.

I could have understood or considered if it was based on a law or a precept that explains clearly why masturbation is prohibited. But cutting the clitoris at the age of 10?  Why?  This is purely ego-maniacal and evil.  To even say that female masturbation is ‘more dangerous’ is deceitful.

It is more about imposition of power over women.  It is control to deprive females of sexual satisfaction.  The erectile vulva of a woman was designed for a purpose, as Galena in the forum said:

we were born with a clitoris for a reason…

I would never understand some customs and traditions I guess

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. I may have disappointments about my country but I would still prefer to live here with freedom. Although I know that for some sick reasons, there are a number women here in the Philippines that are deprived, abused, and controlled, too.

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2 thoughts on “Onanism

  1. Reading this entry, I would just like to say, Miss Bing, that what you read is more of local culture, than of Islamic culture. Some cultures kasi have “extreme” practices and because they're Muslim, their local or traditional practices become equated with Islamic practices. In reality, there is such a big difference.


  2. i am glad to know, babypink. 🙂 it is kind of scary to learn about those evil practices. and i thought it was only in south africa where FGM is being practiced.


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