Friendship Redefined


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“Everyone is a friend, until they prove otherwise.” This is a quote from someone named Steve.

It’s funny how we all have different meanings about friendship. It is only one word but has a lot of meaning.

For one, it is loyalty, demanding one to be allegiant, limiting one to confide all the time, leaving not a detail.  I have to say that I am loyal but I will not be confessing and exposing my entire life to a friend.  There has got to be room enough for me to reserve some details.  No one owns me, not even my closest friend.  I am loyal but I am not a slave.

For another, it is rapport, it is an understanding, it is a bond.  No matter what happens, no matter the differences are, no matter the flaws, they stay close, together, interlinked and attached.  They maintain space for each other, leaving room for the preservation of the relationship.  I maintain love and understanding all the time.  A friend does not need to get distressed when I make decisions in my life.  It is always for the good of everyone around and not meant to harm.

A lot of times I see people who have twisted meaning of the word.  They pollute the very essence, they corrupt the beauty of this bond, and they use it with motive. I have to say these people are true representation of falsehood and evil.

As much as I want to care, I go apathetic for these people who have no sense of friendship.  Perhaps there is hope. Perhaps.  But for someone to live with lies and pretense, it is not friendship that is sought.


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