I Cried a Lot for Given Grace

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It was a shock to hear news about a 19 year old UPLB student to be kidnapped on her way to her dormitory, robbed and then raped and killed. Her body was found at a canal near the Institute of Plant Breeding road early morning of October 11, 2011, Tuesday.

The following days, the news include the sentiments of her loved ones, of her relatives, of her friends, classmates, and many others.

I cried watching her father and mother.  As a mother, I cannot help but empathize.  It is painful to feel what the parents are feeling about that ill-fated day that took their daughter’s life.  Who would want their children harmed? Who would not seethe with anger and revenge? >(

This reminded me of the post Looks Can be Deceiving in the year of 2006 where Kay chanced upon a pervert who showed his thingy.  It happened inside the campus of UP Diliman.

I do not know if this monster still spreads terror in the campus.  I just hope that the UP administration will take deeper attention to this matter especially that the university is designed with not enough lighting and security around.

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