Even Wedding Invitations are on the Net

Well, somebody said that he always wanted to be in the now when it comes to technology.  I am not sure if he’ll get interested about invitationbox.com wedding invitations.   Will he be interested? That I do not know.  I do not even know if he is planning to marry soon. 😀

But it’s amazing to know that even wedding invitations are on the net.  Everything seems to be on the net, and they come in handy!

Do you think this is better?  I mean, everything is on the net.  Almost everything I would safely say.  But I do think this has pros and cons.

3 thoughts on “Even Wedding Invitations are on the Net

  1. Wedding invitation on the net? C'mon, sobra na yan. Birthday greetings okay lang dahil yearly naman ang occasion. Pero you only wed once (well for most of us, at least). Dapat naman meron ding “personal touch”. : )


  2. I don't know, I think over all it is OK to send the invitations to those that are connected via the Net. But you must remember those that are not connected as well, and send them a hard copy. In this economy it is probably much cheaper to design and send an electronic invitation over a hard copy invitation, and saving money is important in today's life!



  3. hello, blogusvox! i have to agree with Don that it can be cheaper. with FB, for example, one can send a soft copy of the image, and voila, you were able to send an invitation. though, i think, wedding invitations ought to be more formal.

    here in the Philippines, Don, people still have reservations when it comes to weddings. although it is more economical, some people might take it amiss. 🙂


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