Do You Really Need a Wedding Diamond Ring?

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Times are hard and you won’t even need a scott kay ring for your wedding.  Would you settle for a gold band instead?

When we got married, we only had a 14K gold bands on our fingers and yet we love each other so much that we really did not give attention about the rings.  I would have wanted cash money for it. 😀  A wedding sponsor had us choose cash or ring.  My mother-in-law chose the ring. 😦

There wasn’t really that much when we got married.  That is why we were never bothered if the rings were made of diamonds or not.  Perhaps if the situation was different, that is if we had lots of money, which could mean that we’re rich, we could have had a tiara wedding ring for me, and diamond embedded ring for him.

Now I realized, these things do not really matter that much.  It is the love. Why, I have seen couples who are still loving pairs, and had even started with nothing.  It is not about lavishness after all.  It is the union.  Suffice it to say, it is the love.


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6 thoughts on “Do You Really Need a Wedding Diamond Ring?

  1. Symbolic lang yan, bing. Walang pinag-iba if they put a stamp “Married” in your forehead announcing your no longer “available”. : )

    I agree with you. A couple's relationship is not gauged by their rings in their fingers but by their love to each other.

    Ang cheesy naman nito e ang tagal pa ng Pebrero. : D


  2. We just wear plain gold bands. My sisters had huge expensive diamond engagement rings and both of their marriages ended in divorce. Love is the important part


  3. Hi Bing,
    Don't know if you remember me. But I'm sure you will 🙂

    My wife and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago. My daughter gave a toast and she said … and my dad didn't even give my mother an engagement ring … We all laughed but we all know how unimportant that is now.

    Anyway – I think I have to update my blog of your link, i still have the old


  4. ha ha ha 😀 kelangan bang Pebrero muna para maging cheesy?? 😀

    hi, anji. i remember a co-employee who told me why i was not wearing my wedding ring. she said that my marriage might go wrong because i was not wearing it. ridiculous. 😀 i have a happy married life. 🙂

    of course, i remember you, very well, rommel. 🙂 every time i see tony of ANC, i am reminded of you. please update your list, please… thank you for visiting again.


  5. i don't have any diamonds, my wedding ring is a 14K band and my engagement is ruby.

    i think diamond is just a status symbol and only mean something if you want it to.

    love is what matters.


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