It is so pathetic to see people, able-bodied, contented in begging or seeking charity from friends.  They thrive on miserably inadequate amounts of money from others to live the day.  ‘Ika nga, nagkasya na lang manghingi. They do not want to exert themselves, do jobs, and earn a living.  They cannot even do voluntary work for people who help them.  Each work done has an equivalent miserable amount of money (ingrates).  ‘Ika nga, ‘alang kakusa-kusa.

I am not rich.  I admit I also need help at times from people.  The difference is I try not to be a burden.  Once I am rejected from a request for help, I will not try again, because it will demean my being.  Instead, I will find ways to find solution to my own dilemma.  If I will be contented from the help, I will not learn the lesson.  That is my motto.  That should be the motto of these parasites.

Life is not easy. Who said it is? Though there are different levels of difficulty.  Just like a game.  But it is in playing that matters.  Not on thinking that people owe you something because you are broke, or you lack enough money to sustain yourself.  Walang obligasyon ang iba sa ibang tao.

That is why I try very hard not to ask payment for debts of gratitude, including those from my children.  In truth, it has no equivalent payment.

You.  How long will you be a parasite?  Who loves to be a parasite?  It looks like you are enjoying! My goodness.  😦


2 thoughts on “Parasites

  1. same here… I hate parasites and people who are able bodied that don't work. I am particularly mean because when I go home on vacation to Pinas, I'm cold and disinterested to rub elbows with friends or relatives who don't seem to have the compulsion to take care of their very need, always depending on others 😦


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