Kurt Cobain’s Frances Bean

Daughter Kay, when she was in her early teens, got infatuated with Kurt Cobain.  I do not have an idea who this Kurt was and later learned he’s an American rock singer who decided to end his life with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Kurt Cobain

The idea of being so gripped with this singer is not welcome to me but I did not tell my daughter.  I do not like the sound of his songs, I do not like the influence of his person to many people,  including my daughter, and I do not like the idea that this rock singer held high by mostly young people is weak in dealing with life’s realities.  Of course, there were factors that could have molded him into what he is, but he has choices and good opportunities not everyone is given.  And so that ends my outrageous qualms about his influence to my daughter.  My daughter has a choice.  Silly thoughts, I have to agree, but you know, I am a mother.  😀

Then, Yahoo flashed about Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean.  I surfed and surfed and landed on a Wired post last May, 2010 about Frances attacking her mother, Courtney Love.  Part of the post said,

Courtney said, “I was talking on the phone. Frances came out of my room. She was hysterical. First she was crying at my legs, saying, ‘Why was I born?’ Then she bites and scratches and pulls on my hair. She punched me. I grabbed her with both arms. That left a bruise and she took a picture of her bruise.”

Frances Bean Cobain

Somehow that made me sad.  Could it be why some young people, sons and daughters, have the same disregard to their parents, that they can do what they please including attacking and hurting their parents, or guardians?  Is it possible that the youth of today are influenced immensely by their idols?  Is it possible that the youth can be blind followers?

We are not sure of what really transpired between Courtney Love and her Bean but I am sure that it is not a clever thing to attack your mother, aside from reasons that she wants to kill or hurt you without a tormenting cause.


9 thoughts on “Kurt Cobain’s Frances Bean

  1. As parents it's always difficult to know what to do about some of the choices our children make. I think that it's best to keep an eye on them and not make too much fuss. Forbidden fruit is always the most tempting.

    The Cobains sound an unhappy family.

    Welcome to ExposeYourBlog!


  2. Hi, Anji, thank you so much for the welcome! ExposeYourBlog gives interesting options.

    As to the Cobains, they sound to me like an unhappy family, too. Though each family as a unit of society has its own flaws. No family is perfect precisely because the individuals in it are uniquely different from each other.

    There is always a difficult stage in parenting. Not one parent is spared. 🙂


  3. Kurt did it in a very messy way. He used a shotgun. Put the barrel inside his mouth then press the trigger.

    When I was young, we have idols like Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, John Paul Jones and many more who passed away “ungracefully”.

    Don't worry bing, it's a generation gap. Your kid will grow out of it.


  4. The probably with these last 80 years or so is that our “Hero's” are becoming people with little merit behind them. In the past it had been those that followed religion, or that served their nation in times of war, etc. Those that gave of themselves, instead of taking from others. Now the title seems to be passed on to people who take instead of give, or who complain the loudest on how they have been wronged.

    As Anji said, watch over, but don't overly control, that forbidden fruit seems to be the goal these days!



  5. And Amy Winehouse is an addition to the list, BlogusVox. Such waste of talents. 😀 I think my daughter still admires the beautiful face of Kurt. I am observing all the time. Her love for rock music seems to have mellowed at present unlike in high school where there's always noise in the house much to our dislike.

    That is a nice observation, Don. It kind of loose its meaning through the years. 😦 My daughter is a young grown up already. She's always admiring the 'odd' ones probably because she sees them as unique? Ugh.


  6. from Ric Ursua on Facebook:
    Music greatly influences one's way of thinking and behavior. Ungodly music produces ungodly thoughts. Godly music produces godly behavior. Curt was at the top of his life as a Rock star when he killed himself. Why did he kill himself? It is safe to assume that deep within him, the ungodly music he created that greatly influenced others produced an ungodly act that he did, commit murder against himself. Courtney Love is not better that Curt Cobain. She herself tried to have fame creating ungodly music after her husband died. She was out singing for a while, even got to Hollywood movies playing sexy roles until she became a rehab frequent flyer. She's out now and I haven't heard about her for years. Hopefully she is still alive. Frances Bean behaving badly? Not her fault though now she has a choice to do better than her parents. Her parents' bad music shaped her way of thinking every time she has to make a choice. The lesson for us parents is obvious. We can lead our children to God or Satan by the music we and allow them to listen to.


  7. from Ric Ursua on Facebook:
    Bing, in the past I love to listen to the music of Freddie Mercury, Eagles, Rolling Stones, Led Zep
    (i hate it when i have to date myself), etc. I also tried the Curt Cobain genre ( which i later found out it is not for me. ) But when I surrendered my life to Christ, I lost my appetite for such music. I began to like worship songs a lot, and now gospel songs (contemporary and sometimes traditional). Worship songs lift my spirit all the time and I just couldn't get enough of it. I also notice the positive impact to my “house.” I am sure Rock music doesn't do that. Now, I refer ungodly music as those that do not glorify God. I hope I answered your question.


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