I Do Not Have a PC to play

Unlike any other users, who desire for gaming desktop computers, obviously for reasons of spending a lot of time gaming or playing, I have my PC intended mostly for writing and uploading pictures.

I could have upgraded the video card before but did not, thinking I am not into gaming.  I regretted the chance.  There is no way for me to do that now.  😦  I think I cannot find that specs now for my video card.  It is outdated.  Poor me.  The only chance I have is to purchase a high-performance PC that could serve the purpose for the pictures, or for watching videos, fast and reliably.

I guess I do need a fully loaded PC even without gaming.



4 thoughts on “I Do Not Have a PC to play

  1. We have too many PCs at home that friends of my kids call our place the house with a million computers. We have 2 linux machine as file servers, my wife has a desktop, i have one too and the daughters have laptops each. Then I have another one as a dedicated XBMC media player. None are so called gaming machine and all still use the old Pentium 4. We don't really upgrade – just add and move the old ones for dedicated use.


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