Photohunt: Wrong

I love this theme.  It offers many possibilities of showing the idea.

Wrong had me thinking about the bad things that contaminate the earth’s bodies of water.  It makes me feel hopeless at times when news of fish kills, and accidents in the waters, are shown in the television.

That’s why this photo.  This was taken on our visit at the Manila Ocean Park about three years ago (I think).

Top 10 Sea Debris


Go, visit the Photohunt page.  Happy photohunting!


8 thoughts on “Photohunt: Wrong

  1. i agree that education has a big role, jams, in instilling these information.

    exactly, lyndsey! they shouldnt be seen anywhere.

    hi, carver. yes. but oh, it is so frustrating at times, it can even be seen inside homes. a house's inside can sometimes be as polluted.


  2. i agree that plastic cannot be broken down. some of them are even nonbiodegradable.

    as to the ranking above, i think it was based on a study. but that was years ago, i am not sure if it is still the ranking.


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