What a Day the Other Day

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Every morning except Mondays, Papsie brings me to the office, the reason supposedly is for me not to be late.  It’s not been successful.  I still arrive late ‘at times’.

And yes, the other day.  It was the usual morning that suddenly became unusual.  The car stalled in the middle of a main road across an intersection.  Yep! Panic moment.  I was at a loss for words I cannot move.  Then suddenly, I came to my senses while Papsie was mumbling vehemence.  I asked the help of the two traffic enforcers.  They cannot make the car move.  I was not sure if it was because they were advanced in age, or the road ahead was ascending, or the brake had gone off.  Then, lo, a well built policeman, with that ‘PULIS’ embroidered on his shirt, came approaching.

I was staring and feeling hopeful because another one will be lending a hand.  The policeman opened the door on my side and exclaimed, “Bumaba ho kayo! Ang bigat n’yo kaya di matulak! Kita nyo nang matatanda na ang nagtutulak! (Get off! You are heavy that’s why they cannot push! You know yourself they’re old!)”  What the *@#!!  😦

After insulting me, he left! That son of a gun left us without lending a hand.  I stood at the corner watching the two old traffic aides and a burly man trying to push.  Nada.  The car didn’t budge.  I decided to ask the ‘barker’ to help and he agreed.  The car still didn’t budge.  Then I saw my husband waving his hand telling me to approach the car.  I opened the door and he was yelling at and telling me to help push the car!

I didn’t have my choice, and donned in uniform, I helped push the car.  Guess what, the car moved!  Yey!  I am super! I am super woman!

Confused, I boarded the car and told my husband not to bring me to the office anymore in fear that the car will stall again.  He pacified me (with his angry tone) that the car is already moving and I do not have to worry.  He explained what happened which I did not understand a bit.

Oh, what a day.

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